The Love Ya K9 Project - Drawing For The SPCA

Having brought a host of kiwi pets to life in her distinctive black and white hand drawn style, New Zealand artist Charlotte Hawley is embarking on a new project that combines her passion for Animals and Art to help raise money for New Zealand’s SPCA.

With Charlotte’s Love Ya K9 Project, you can now commission a unique art piece of your beloved pet with 10% of the profit going to SPCA New Zealand.

Using her unique artistic style, New Zealand artist Charlotte Hawley is on a mission to draw people’s much loved pets to raise awareness and money for the SPCA.

Charlotte Hawley is a New Zealand artist who became renowned for her incredibly detailed hand drawings of dogs. Having adorned the walls of many of dog owners homes, both in New Zealand and overseas, Charlotte is now using her ‘animal art’ as a platform to raise money for the SPCA. The Love Ya K9 Project was created as an outlet for the love Charlotte has for the animals she draws daily.

By securing your pet’s commission (any animal actually, not just dogs) you’ll be helping SPCA New Zealand, with 10% of all profits supporting their efforts.

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What you get

In true Charlotte Hawley’s distinctive black and white graphic style, your pet will be drawn on a white 640gsm archival rag with deckled edges (in a size of your choice). It will then be wax stamped in Charlotte’s signature seal logo of her preferred nickname – ’Lots’ before being carefully flat packed and shipped to your front door.

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Want your pet on a T-shirt?

Your pet can become one of many unique Love Ya K9 T-shirts with 10% of profits made on each t-shirt sale going to SPCA New Zealand.

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(Please note: A personalised T-Shirt order of your pet can only be made when ordering a commission. T-Shirt orders must be made at the same time as your commission. T-shirt orders cannot be made at a later date after commission has been dispatched).

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Get Involved

With big plans to take this international to raise money for SPCA’s and other animal welfare organisations around the world, Charlotte needs your support to help grow the Love Ya K9 Project. There’s a few ways you can get involved:

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Do you have a cat/dog/horse/bunny that deserves to be forever immortalised on your wall? Book your bespoke drawing and 10% of the profit will go to the SPCA.

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Without the commitment of a bespoke drawing, show your Love Ya K9 support by purchasing a T-shirt or two from our shop.

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Tell your friends

Think this is an awesome idea or know someone who might want to book? We’d love for you to help spread the word about the Love Ya K9 Project by sharing across your networks. LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram – every share counts!

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Where is the artist now

While her feet are currently planted on New Zealand soil, it won’t be forever!

Charlotte has big plans to start the project in New Zealand and expand internationally to help support SPCA’s around the world.

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Having drawn half of the nations much loved pets, it’s safe to say Charlotte has become an expert in intricately capturing the likeness of these fur babies, with her stylized ‘Lot’s’ twist. A style that hangs seamlessly in any interior.

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Where it all began

Renowned for her incredibly detailed hand drawings, Charlotte’s work grew in popularity during 2015 when she created a giant mural in one of Auckland’s busiest and most popular suburbs, Ponsonby. Since then, Charlotte transferred her unique black and white style from street art to paper, and has been inundated with requests for pet commissions across New Zealand and overseas.

As an up and coming artist, support is integral for growth. It’s common knowledge that ‘the artists struggle’ is indeed a real one, but with community support, a few more feature walls around the streets of New Zealand, an Air New Zealand feature, a TV One ‘Our First Home’ cameo and countless pets drawn, it’s now time to give back.

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